The aim of my blog is to share insights that can help us to shift to a more enlightening perspective of the world. These thoughts are not just mine, I am also the conduit for the stories of people whom I have worked with and interacted from all walks of life. Access my repository of articles and videos below. Enjoy!



Thrive Global Article : Globalisation Post COVID-19

Hear from an array of opinions from experts around the world on their perspectives of how globalisation will look after COVID-19. 

Channel News Asia COVID-19 Leadership Commentary

Leaders can then tap on the collective power of teams to foster engagement and innovation in a world disrupted by the coronavirus, says Karen Leong.

Crisis-Proofing Guide for People Leaders in the Era of Covid-19

In crisis, fear and anxiety can spread wider than Covid-19, leading to low morale and disengaged employees. Navigating any crisis requires a higher level of leadership.

Visionary Woman Leader 2019

When we look at successful people it is often easy to forget that they are usually people like us. What makes them stand out is their determination and their zeal to make a difference. Karen Leong is one such person.

10 influential professional speakers in Singapore right now

Karen Leong is featured as one of the ten influential professional speakers in Singapore by the Singapore Business Review in this article published in 2013.

Are you playing the FINITE or INFINITE game?

Are you playing a FINITE or INFINITE game? Here's a lesson from Game Theory.


Leadership in a Changing World

A wise man changes his mind, a fool never will. They say leaders need to be decisive, but wise leaders are open enough to listen and enlightened enough to change their minds when the facts warrant it.

7 Savvy Networking Habits

Be savvy about linking up. Here are great tips that enable you to forge connections easily. 

Women of Influence

Learn about 9 influence styles that are redefining leadership, personified by influential women who have earned the respect and recognition in their industries. 

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