Are you playing the FINITE or INFINITE game?

Are you playing a FINITE or INFINITE game?

We just completed a 4 hour virtual strategic facilitation for a leadership team.

Amazing how fast time goes by, with the intense engagement! 

Our biotechnology client is in one of the few industries experiencing hypergrowth in this Covid-19 era.

We at Influence Solutions are supporting them on a year-long transformation journey to be future-ready, beyond the curve.

Here's a lesson from Game Theory.

A FINITE game is played to win.

An INFINITE game is played to continue till perpetuity.

If we view Covid-19 as a war to win, we are playing the FINITE game.

This may lead us to lower our guard too early, without making structural changes to the way we live.

This opens the door to a resurgent virus.

If we view Covid19 as a new reality, we are then playing the INFINITE game.

We will see the value of eradicating what's not sustainable & focusing on the long-term good.

When we lead with an infinite mindset, we get to shape our desired future.

Simon Sinek shares in his compelling book 'The infinite game' how leaders who embrace an infinite mindset build stronger, more innovative, more inspiring organisations.

So, what game do you choose to play?


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