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We are your F.I.R.S.T. learning & organisational development partner. Join the world’s top companies that turn to us for powerful talent development solutions that help them to be Future-ready. Innovative. Relevant. Strategic Trusted. Our passion and purpose is to improve individual and business performance by simplifying learning. Visit the Influence Solutions corporate website: www.influence-solutions.com for more details of our full suite of corporate solutions.

Signature Programmes (LIVE Online workshops available)

INFLUENCE 247 - Win People Over

The Influence 247 programme is a high impact experience, where you learn to accelerate the process of influence with anyone, naturally and effectively. 

FLOURISHING THROUGH DISRUPTION - Ensuring Business Sustainability

Having the right mindset and robust processes to ensure business sustainability are critical, especially in today's context where change and disruption are a constant. This insightful and experiential program will help to empower people to be effective agents of change and disruption.

THE OPPORTUNITY OF CHANGE - change, opportunity, progress

The Opportunity of Change is an insightful and experiential program, which empowers people to be effective agents of change.


No matter who we are, what we do, or what level we do it at, the fact is that we are having conversations all the time. This immersive and highly experiential session will help you change your world simply by changing your words.


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