Leadership in a Changing World

A wise man changes his mind, a fool never will. They say leaders need to be decisive, but wise leaders are open enough to listen and enlightened enough to change their minds when the facts warrant it.

We see the consequences of country leaders not changing one's mind (or doing so too late) admist the global Covid-19 pandemic.

In an era of uncertainty, leadership is not about projecting CERTAINTY (at all costs), but rather CLARITY.

Clarity about what's known and what's unknown.

Clarity about the contingency plans in dealing with the unknown.

Clarity about how to empower people with the information they need so everyone can respond to the uncertainty with calm and confidence.

This is leadership for a changing world.


I am inspired by stories of transformation. Through my work - keynote speaking, executive coaching, facilitation and interviewing people across industries and countries, I have been so enriched by insightful realisations and perspectives. Here's my weekly transformation tip!

One idea to thrive in a changing world.

18 March 2020

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