No matter who we are, what we do, or what level we do it at, the fact is that we are having conversations all the time. And every single person we meet, personally or professionally, judges us based on the way we communicate. This is because way we communicate revealsour thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Every word that comes out of our mouths, even our silence, demonstrates our intentions clearly, and has profound ripple effects - for better or for worse.

Every time we speak, we make the listener feel good, bad or have no impact on them. How much we talk and how much we listen, will make the people we are communicating with feel judged, wanting, heard, understood and / or respected.

Most of us have good intentions and when we communicate,. we seek to leave a clear, positive and memorable impact and build robust relationships. However, the fact remains that in high pressure situations and when the stakes are high, most of us lapse back to our default styles, which may be less than optimal, and in some cases, even counter-intuitive.

That is why, despite the best of intentions, we may end up triggering unintended and unfortunate results; such as, relationship disconnects, misunderstandings and a breakdown of trust.

This immersive and highly experiential session will help you change your world by changing your words.


  • Understand how you view leadership & how this impacts the conversations you have
  • Leverage conversations to demonstrate the 5 roles of a leader in an effective and inspiring manner
  • Use conversations to dynamically shift focus between the 3 critical zones - Thought Leadership, People Leadership, and Results Leadership
  • Communicate to understand; learn the balance between listening & speaking, and when to use advocacy and when / how to use enquiry
  • Leverage simple techniques to enhance your effectiveness as a communicator and get your points across with clarity
  • The 3 levels of conversations and learning to actively listen for potential
  • Use conversations to build rapport, establish and deepen emotional connection and nurture positive, enduring relationships
  • Use powerful coaching-style questions to uncover needs, build a culture of trust, empowerment, engagement and development in your team
  • Enhance your conversational agility so that you are able to handle difficult situations with confidence, empathy and finesse.
  • Use conversations powerfully, to help others find the clarity they need & the inspiration to act on it


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