Achieve sizzling sales results with social selling, while leap over high rejection rates with traditional sales techniques...

The truth: In this fast changing digital world, one thing remains the same.

The emotions that trigger decision making hasn't changed.

It's still based on human psychology.

This refreshing perespective enables us to harness what works in the real world and adapt it to the "always on" digital world as well.

In this entertaining, interactive and impactful keynote, Karen leverages the pschology of influence to help you win people over in social selling.

Here's the thing.

With the social media revolution, most of the buyer's journey takes places online, before any discussion with a sales person.  Buyers consume over 5 pieces of online content before talking to sales persons. Even B2B buyers tap into social media to help with their decision making. Have you incorporated this in your selling process? If not, you need to.

At the same time, it is becoming more difficult to bet cold calling. 90% of decision makers never respond to cold calls. Yet for warm referrals, sales success goes up four times. That's the massive opportunity that social selling offers.

This refreshing perspective - simple and powerful is why the world's top companies and trade associations invite Karen Leong to their stages.

Your audience will learn how to:

  • Leverage the pschology of influence to win people over
  • Nurture high quality social networks and warm introductions
  • Leap over gatekeeper blocks by connecting with key decision makers directly
  • Link up with real people; hone credility and trust even before you meet them face-to-face
  • Move away from scripted sales techniques to natural, impactful conversations that inspire people to say YES.
  • Go beyond the high rejection rates with outdated sales strategies and harness the future of selling
  • Build powerful thought leadership on social media, and have prospective clients come to YOU instead


"My absolute favorite breakout speaker at Social Selling 2019.

Karen made an effort to socialize among the early birds before her session, made eye contact, is funny, addressed me by name in the audience. She is a speaker’s speaker. What I learned from her is to question myself. Why am I Influential? Because of what?

Biggest thank you to Karen."

David Tang

Enterprise Channel Director Microsoft



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