Influence 247
Win People Over

Influence 247 – Win People Over

In this compelling keynote, based on Karen Leong's book “Win People Over - 75 Simple and Powerful Ways to Influence Anyone”, you will learn how to expand your sphere of influence naturally. Leaders and managers benefitted from honing the art of influence to increase employee engagement, and transform their performance at work. Sales and marketing professionals have leveraged on the techniques to boost their results. Join thousands of executives from over 13 countries who have benefited from the Influence 247 system, being equipped with a roadmap to accelerate the process of influence and win people over.

Key Points:

• Understand the two pillars of influence
• Gain insights into your natural influencing style
• Enhance your versatility in influencing people, regardless of their position, profile or personality types.
• Learn powerful conversations that build rapport and develop deeper connection rapidly
• Takeaway simple, yet powerful steps to increase like-ability & respect
• Boost your self-confidence with simple, visible actions
• Sustain easy, natural conversations of influence in all situations
• Walk-away with a personalised action plan that helps you achieve desired results

“The presentation inspired me. The stories really touched me.”
Chan Young Lee
Proctor & Gamble

“The F.R.E.E. Process is very actionable.
Well structured, clearly aimed and well delivered.”
Amy Liu
Caterpillar Inc.